Super Natural

April 2008,
Vol. 08
Issue 05
dwell cover 2008 april super natural
Modern Wood Homes
lee hart house kitchen portrait

Slanted and Enchanted

Taking inspiration from barns, warehouses, Case Study Houses, and Japanese residential architecture, architect Marcus Lee and his wife, Rachel Hart—–an architectural model…

goodman residence exterior house side yard

Raising the Barn

Architect Preston Scott Cohen resurrected an early 1800s barn as a vacation home for a literary couple and their family, calling to mind both the agrarian spaciousness of the structure’s former life…

starvecrow cottage living room

Heart of the Country

Driving through the leafy country lanes on the outer edges of London’s commuter belt, it’s hard to imagine the city is just an hour away by train.

sunken house exterior street view

All Clad

For photographer Ed Reeve, building his own house had been a lifelong dream.

Hansen Rich

Designer Rich Hansen reviews five dining tables

As likely to host the sending of emails as the serving of entrees, today’s dining table needs to be set for anything.

reykjavik iceland blue lagoon

Reykjavík, Iceland

Gundrún Lilja Gunnlaugsdóttir of Studio Bility takes us on a guided tour of the city by the smoky bay: Reykjavík, Iceland.

the strohaus exterior

Straw Tech

When Anders Stokholm asked his old friend Felix Jerusalem to design his family’s new home in Eschenz, a northern Swiss village on the Rhine River and Untersee Lake, the client and architect agreed…

tolstrup house living space portrait 1

A Mama's Touch

Nina Tolstrup, the Danish furniture and product designer, who works under the name Studiomama, has been carving herself an enviable reputation in the UK.

scrapile workshop

The Pi Table

Scrapile—Pull up a chair to one of Scrapile’s impossibly elegant dining tables and you’d never guess that the materials used to create it had once been destined for a landfill.

mulch illustration

Ich Bin Ein Mulcher

When, at cocktail parties, the conversation turns from the fleeting news of the day to the subject of sublime beauty, Dan Maginn often find himself smiling, for soon, he will speak of mulch.

new abod home south africa

Greg Sharp of BSB Design

BSB Design was established in 1966 in Des Moines, Iowa, as a small architectural firm with a grand mission statement: Every family deserves to live in an architect-designed home.

michelle lord portrait

Michelle Lord

Michelle Lord is a visual artist based in Birmingham, England.

tom dixon portrait

Tom Dixon

"You can take the principles of what something stands for and use them in a completely new way. Otherwise you’re just a retrospective company," says designer Tom Dixon.