Think Small

May 2006,
Vol. 06
Issue 05
May 2006 Dwell Cover Small Spaces
Homes Under 1,700 Sq.Ft.
goolrick apartment kitchen living room bedroom portrait  0

Urban Vessel

"I'm used to spending time on boats," says New York based architect and interior designer Page Goolrick, who has been sailing competitively for 15 years. "It's influenced my design.

sarti house driveway

Halving It All

David Sarti's little red house in Seattle's sleepy Central District proves that a bit of land, ambition, and carpentry know-how can go a long way.

kozely farmer house view from outside to master bedroom portrait

Venetian Vicissitude

Shedding a past filled with farmhouses and ornamentation, Dawn Farmer and Pierre Kozely decided to embrace simplicity— and architect Michael Sant designed them a home to match.

The volume that both incorporates the single closet (accessible from the hallway) and the refrigerator (which opens into the kitchen) and serves as the bedroom floor is, says Kyu Sung Woo, “where everything comes together.”

Big City, Little Loft

New York City is the nation’s capital of cramped quarters. But for a select lucky few, scant square footage adds up to a cozy home to call one’s own.

art collecting louise lawler roys eye 2005

101 Art Collecting

Want to be the next Henry Clay Frick or Isabella Stewart Gardner? Dwell offers some pointers on starting your own collection.

art collecting louise lawler what goes on here 1990

Curating Your Thoughts

“The act of collecting is about looking, studying, sorting, sifting, concentrating, weighing, and making decisions. It’s a lot of work. I got better at it by being rigorous.

art collecting

Exhibiting Interest

Get your information from curators, professors of contemporary art, critics, and other collectors through your local arts organizations, newspapers, and art schools.

art collecting louise lawler dun rite 2000

FAQs About Art

Once you’ve purchased a piece, you’ll need to get it home and onto your wall.

White prefab home on red steel beams in Australia

Rising to the Occasion

Gerard Kitchener is fond of talking about the weather, especially as it pertains to Waratah Bay in southeastern Victoria, Australia.

charlottesville waldorf school passive solar rendering

Teaching by Example

When the Charlottesville Waldorf School bought 13 undeveloped acres outside Charlottesville, Virginia, in 2002, the idea was simply to build a permanent home for the school’s 130 students,…

cooktops expert aidells bruce

Bruce Aidells Reviews 5 36-inch Cooktops

Not quite at home on the range? No need to boast the most roast? For boiling, frying, searing, and simmering, the drop-in cooktop is king.

cooktops expert aidells bruce  1

A Note on Our Expert: Bruce Aidells

Bruce Aidells starting cooking professionally while a graduate student at UC Santa Cruz. 

art collecting oliver halsman rosenberg prayer manifestation 2005

Collecting Case Studies: Lawrence Rinder

Lawrence Rinder is a San Francisco–based collector and dean of graduate studies at California College of the Arts.

art collecting yutaka sone perfect island ski lift 1999

Collecting Case Studies: James Cahn

James Cahn is a 25-year-old Chicago-based emerging collector and financial consultant. He collects with his partner Jeremiah Collatz, art advisor at Dirk Denison Architects.