Think Smaller

June 2009,
Vol. 09
Issue 07
dwell cover 2009 June think smaller
Homes Under 1,000 Sq. Ft.
finger kennedy apartment editors pick

Storage-Smart Renovation in New York City

Living small is par for the course in New York City, but accommodating a family of four in under 700 square feet rarely looks as effortless as in this storage-smart renovation.

canyon house editors pick

Compound Addition

A pair of environmentally attuned architects combined adjoining properties in a Los Angeles canyon to house their modernist menagerie.

mckenzie residence editors pick

Orchard Jam

The McKenzie residence sits within the grid of a commercial apple orchard, its roof and upper parts floating above the trees to echo the surrounding hills.

twin palms steps

Q&A with Illustrious California Architect William Krisel

Palm Springs architect William Krisel entered the arena of architecture in the boom times that followed World War II and left in 1979 when the profession became “too uptight” as a result…

quik build adriance house

Q&A with Adam Kalkin

In the In the Modern World section of our June 2009 issue, I reviewed artist-architect Adam Kalkin’s new monograph, Quik Build: Adam Kalkin's ABC of Container Architecture.

canteen restaurant  meal


Great Britain has never had a reputation for great food—it is, after all, the nation where a dish called mushy peas is purportedly a good thing.

stonorov house exterior portrait editors pick

Built-In Style

In Oakland, California, two designers transformed a 100-year-old barn into a (very) cozy home of their own by redefining the functionality of walls and windowsills.

terminal three beijing aiport

101 Airports

Modern air travel is about far more than merely making it from point A to point B.

twa terminal jfk airport new york exterior

An Introduction to Airport Design

As anyone who has been to Peru, 
or Bali, or Timbuktu can tell you, travel is not merely the experience of going

changi aiport singapore interior

Gates of Heaven

Effective airport designs are often underappreciated, as it is easy to take them for granted when things go smoothly.

heathrow international airport london interior

Airport Design Gone Wrong

The challenge for airport designers is to consider the complex function of an airport and then cap it off with some truly striking architecture. Most airports get at least some of it right.

manned cloud massaud jean marie airport blimb

Blimp My Ride

A century ago giant airships—–blimps and zeppelins and such—–were considered the future of air transport, but with their safety called into question by the Hindenburg disaster…

carrasco international airport montevideo uruguay

Richard Spencer on the Future of Travel

“Sustainability and energy efficiency are extremely important.

los angeles international airport

Adam Wells on the Future of Travel

“There’s so much potential to improve airline travel in so many ways, and we’ve only just begun.

kuczia peter home editors pick

Pole Star

By creatively manipulating the angles and levels of exterior surfaces on this modest Polish country house, architect Peter Kuczia achieved exceptionally high solar exposure, increasing its capacity…

incheon internatioal airport seoul

Jim Starry on the Future of Travel

“We have to reconsider the basic structure of airports.

closet robertson standolyn portrait editors pick

Standolyn Robertson Reviews 5 Closet Systems

Our homes generally celebrate design you can see, but throw open the closet doors and behold a new frontier.

jarmund oslo international school exterior portrait

Fjord Focus

As Jarmund/Vigsnæs’s growing crop of small, smart houses have garnered increasing attention, their equally prolific civic works have them poised to be Norway’s next big export.

waste opportunity opener  0

Waste Opportunity

While the Western world forgets its waste with a flush, 2.6 billion people don’t even have toilets. Virginia Gardiner ventures to the World Toilet Summit in search of sanitation’s future.

cunningham tony alderson simon portrait editors pick

Design by Numbers

Simon Alderson and Tony Cunninham of London–based high designer purveyors twentytwentyone talk kitsch versus collectible and the integrity of good design.