Time for a Change?

March 2005,
Vol. 05
Issue 04
dwell cover 2005 march time for a change
Real-Life Renovations

New Beginnings

Uni, an international group of designers in Cambridge, Massachusetts, is riding out a self-professed renovation high that never seems to cease.


The Siple Life

A devastating accident could have made Murray Siple a bitter man. Instead, he decided to renovate a house.

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Pursuing Perfection

Resuscitating a classic can be time-consuming and pricey, but when it comes to the rehabilitation of neglected masterpieces, one Connecticut couple finds it’s worth every minute and cent.

watson tschopp exterior

The Pace of Portland

When creative director Ben Watson and his partner, painter Claudio Tschopp, relocated from Basel, Switzerland, to Portland, Oregon, three years ago, they had been told about Portland’s Pearl…

salenger house bedroom

Pod Living

A pair of Arizona–based architects prove that sleeping in a pod is hardly an extraterrestrial experience.

green roof 1

Trading Shingles for Shrubs

Dwell explores the extensive reasons why the grass is intensely greener when it's on the roof.

shades expert north katherine

Katherine North Reviews 5 Shade Designs

There’s no reason to treat your modern window with an outdated fashion. These shade designs will augment, not obstruct, your sensibilities.

yates samuel portrait

The Color of Palo Alto

Sam Yates will paint the town Palo Alto, once he figures out what color that is.

101 travel

101 Travel

From trains to planes, see how travel is inextricably linked to design. Plus is Philippe Starck coming to a Motel 6 near you?

101 travel cabin envy

Cabin Envy

I’m tired of hearing about the golden age 
of flight, that era when air hostesses (never hosts) wore Pucci uniforms, Pan Am logos adorned everything from complimentary socks to midtown…

travel orange easyhotel room interior

Putting the Motel in Hotels

When design hotels first appeared in the ’80s, with their stylish bars, big-name designers, and excessive tariffs, many of us could have been forgiven for thinking that they were merely places…

101 travel back on track

Back on Track

What is it about trains that gets kids going gaga? Undoubtedly it has much to do with their wheels of steel, whistles, and distinc- tive chugga-chugga sound.

101 travel space odyssey 1

2007: A Space Odyssey

Any cachet attached to the potential of space tourism was placed in dire straits when N’Sync heartthrob Lance Bass signed up to hitch a ride on a manned Russian rocket 
to the International…

travel bilbao spain

The Bilbao Effect

In the last 15 years, many a postindustrial city has redefined itself as a design center. Glasgow after its year as European City