Urban Renaissance

September 2005,
Vol. 05
Issue 08
dwell cover 2005 september urban renaissance
Inspired Options for City Living
barmon deutsch house exterior building

Village Green

This place was a filthy dump when we bought it,” says Cathryn Barmon, sipping tea in a knockoff Le Corbusier chair. “I didn’t want to go barefoot until we’d redone the floors.


The Jonathan

Tired of waiting for innovative architecture to come to San Diego, this proactive architect added developer to his job description, and brought it there himself.


Developer Does Dallas

Diane Cheatham and Edward Baum team up to try to make the Dallas of their design dreams a reality.

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Industrial Evolution

A Norman Foster master plan has transformed a decaying German industrial port into a vibrant neighborhood.

vigil lemae house front entry

Roadside Attraction

A Colorado couple handles their freeway-facing lot with flair, and incorporates a long list of sustainable features to boot.

urban think tank vertical gymnasium interior

Beyond the Barrio: Alfredo Brillembourg

Venezuela is known worldwide as a hotbed of stellar baseball shortstops. But now, the Caracas Think Tank is making its case for recognition as a leader in urban theory.